This is exciting, not only have I managed to build my own webpage but it has a shiny new blog! My blogger blog has gone very silent for awhile (my fault completely - but I fell out of love with it) and I've been biding my time (we all know that that really means way too busy right?) .

But here we are, my first entry in my new blog, as I put one foot in front of the other in my new life as a full time artist.

I've decided to call this blog Theartistwithin. This title speaks to me on several levels as it eludes to a number of possible interpretations, all of which I think are correct.

1) The artist within - Someone I think we all have on the inside. The inner creative artist can be our greatest ally or a forbidding enemy, but rarely does it not have a voice.

2)The art is within - Not unlike above, I see art as an inner expression of soul. The art we create is our own divine expression of our inner likeness, or our love, our pain, our triumphs and our failures. Art lives in the soul. It's mission is to transform the individual into a different being.

3) The heartist within - I'm a heartist. To me this is a person who uses their heart and their love, to guide them through life. Life is after all a work of art in itself. I'm probably not the first person to coin the name 'heartist' and I  know I've head the similar term 'heartrepreneur' before. In my experience it can a lot of faith/courage/hope/pain to start listening to that heart guide. But when you do, you never second guess your choices. 

Okay thats all I got for the moment, this website building is mentally draining. I hope to blog somewhat regularly, maybe once a week, starting now.